About Us

Cheaper, Better & Relaxing Sundarban Family Tour for Travel Lover

We are not a travel agent or broker. We are a Tour Lovers. We are always ready to travel. We don’t like to travel with tour agents or tour operators. We are an experienced Family Traveler Group and several times we visited the Sundarbans.

It is not our business. It is our hobby. So we do not charge extra money or profit. Your Sundarban travel costs are very nominal. Our profit is your happiness and your friendship.

We believe that each traveler is a member of our Sundarban Family Travel Group. And if you will travel with us once, you can’t forget our Sundarban Family Travel Group in future.

We have two luxury boats, with a sleeping capacity of thirty (we allow a maximum of 20 persons to make our trip comfortable) and another twenty sleeping capacity cabin (we allow a maximum of 15 persons to make our tour comfortable).

How Your Benefit:
When travel with us, you will get a completely family picnic atmosphere with nice environment and comfortable mood. Most tour operators want to waste your travel time by valueless activities, for a huge margin of profit. We have removed all valueless activities in our Sundarban tour plan. You will get sufficient tea, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can give us suggestions and tips, or your likes / dislikes.

What is our Goal?
Our goal is to bring all travel lovers under an umbrella and make a large family tour community group in the future and make short and long tour of our country at the lowest cost.